Northrop Financial Group

Northrop financial group

Our Pricing

As part of being “different” from other accounting firms our pricing structure also differs. While most accountants bill by the hour for the services they provide, we price our services based on value. While most people will define and see value differently, our clients see the value we provide in either a rate of return from tax savings strategies and/or in helping their business to run more efficiently and effectively through a business advisory relationship.


By being a value driven firm, we continually focus on helping our clients adapt to a changing environment.

Our pricing includes a one-time setup fee that allows us to get to know you and your business. This includes taking the necessary time to perform an evaluation of your business and to setup a plan moving forward.

After our one-time setup fee, the true work begins. While the setup includes identifying, analyzing and evaluating problems, opportunities and other factors applicable to your business, our monthly maintenance fee covers the ongoing implementation of the solutions to these items found in the setup process. Identifying problems and opportunities are useless unless the solutions are properly implemented. The monthly maintenance fee allows us to make sure that your business is continuing to take advantage of new and existing strategies to maximize your business operations.