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 At Northrop Financial Group we provide several types of accounting solutions to fit the needs of our clients. We work with our clients to design a system that will work for them. We have solutions that include opportunities for our clients to perform their own bookkeeping all the way up to our firm handling all accounting related tasks on their behalf.

Our Accounting/Bookkeeping Solutions are broken down into 3 general engagements.



Some of our clients prefer to have a more hands on approach to their accounting process. We will set up and train you (or whomever will be doing your data entry) on what you will need to do with your Quickbooks accounting software.


Monthly or Quarterly Reconcile:

For clients with some additional complexity and reporting requirements, we offer a monthly or quarterly reconcile program to ensure accurate and reconciled financial statements.


Full Data Entry and Reconcile:

For clients who choose to hire our firm to maintain the accuracy of their accounting files, we offer full data entry and account reconciliations.